There are more than 11 intense colors, resulting in a combination of showy petunias with the endurance and durability of calibrachoas. The SuperCal features rain, cold and heat resistant flowers, offering a lower risk to pests’ attacks.


Plant them on a clayey sand soil, well dained, prepared with substrate and with a 30 cm spacing. Water the crop in alternating days in the summer and every two days in the winter. The keeping prunes aim only to stimulate a new flowering. After the end of the flowering, the tips of the branches that are more than 15 cm tall should be cut.

Enjoy the benefits of an exceptional variety!

When it comes to performance in the garden, SuperCal is exceptionally superior. The variety shows series of advantages, being the main one its flowers’s high tolerance to water, in which makes it possible to cultivate SuperCal on outdoor environments that are exposed to rain.