Highlight on the brazilian flowers market

The sector of ornamental flowers and plants is one of the most promissing sectors in Brazil. Strengthened in the 1970s, thanks to the japanese and dutch imigrants, today the sector grows 8% per year, moving about 6,2 billons brazilian reais per year and generating more than 200 thousand direct jobs.

Holder of a high technology, the flowers market involves advanced processes of production, logistics, commercialization and has a huge growth potential. In this scenario, the grower started to seek new varieties and better genetics – and it was from that need that Bio Plugs started.

We are a company dedicated on producing and commercializing flowers’ young plants with high genetic performance. We have a wide portfolio with cut flowers, pot plants and bedding plants, meeting the different needs of the market.

Guided by innovation, we are always seeking varieties that meet the yearnings of the brazilian consumers. Thanks to the partnership and trust relationship that we built with big breeders, like Selecta One, Hilverda Kooij, Danziger and Sakata Seed Sudamerica, for example, we bring to the national market exclusive products. Therefore, we can do what we love most: to take to the four sides of the country all the joy of the flowers, always valuing for quality.

Partnership in first place

To us, providing a good service is essential. Therefore, we rely on a safe and precise system, ensuring that all customer services’ phases will be accomplished with excellence.

Our personnel are trained and constantly prepared, ready to provide all necesary support to our customers and angents. From production to logistics, finantial to sales, we value for the success of all involved in the productive chain: breeders, growers, outlets and consumers.

Precisely for this manner, we seek to bring a wide array of different products, that are alined with the necessities and preferences of the brazilean consumers. Furthermore, we rely on an active marketing, taking the varieties to the attention of the consumer while also grabing the attention of new audiences. Therefore, we garantee profitability to our clients.

It is with this partnership relation that we take our products all over the country. We are very proud to be part of the floriculture history in Brazil, cultivating great moments and bringing more colors to parks, squares, events and brazilian homes!

We are Bio Plugs, one of the most technified nurseries of Brazil

Always seeking for the best quality, all of ours Mother Plants are originated from extremely pure materials, called Elite Line. They are conditioned on automated greenhouses and controled by computer, totaly isolated from the outer environment, aiming to keep the plants free from insects and diseases.

Quality and improvement guaranteed

All this process of formation of the young plants is accomplished by a rigorous phytosanitary control of the greenhouses, handled by a trained team and prepared to offer to our customers healthy young plants, with quality, high vigor, free from pests and diseases, supporting the success of cultivating on the field and on greehouses.