The hybrid petunias, exclusive to Bio Plugs and members of the Sky Family are: Lightning Sky, Glacier Sky, Night Sky, Mystery Sky, Royal Sky, Circus Sky and Lavander Sky. Its petals paint intensively, bringing “the magic of immensity” and the irresistible beauty of the stars to your garden.


Not only beautiful, but strong, the petunias have high resistance to weather, ensuring longer lifetime and stable color pattern. They don’t require excessive care, because they are resistant to low temperatures. The watering should be done daily, without exceeding. Moreover, it is important to do a good fertilization: it is recommended to be done monthly, with balanced products.

Hybrid and innovative petunias with unique colors!

Lightning Sky - The hottest color brings the intensity of marsala color highlighted by yellow spots, a unique piece. Its petals paint as the temperatures drop, in a striped pattern that resembles the beautiful fireworks in the sky.

Glacier Sky - It unites its deep violet tone with the white color in a beautiful lacy effect on its edges, like if it has snow on its petals. The beauty of polar lights in your garden!

Night Sky - With striking features and a unique color, it won the Brazilian winter once and for all with a beautiful starry sky! Its violet colored petals and white spots makes anyone in love by its beauty.