Enjoy the beauty of diversity!

The Oscar® series came to show the evolution of our time. After all, the freedom of choice should be something as simple as enjoying a flower! It is resistant, easy to care and has a lovely country beauty; perfect for all environments!

Being so democratic, the Oscar® series promises to delight everyone – its color and perfume variety brings a universe of possibilities.


Because it is a flower that likes the sunshine, its flowering extends for up to a year at places that get at least 6 hrs of daily light. Indoors, without natural light, its flowers can last for up to 4 weeks.

Tips for caring:

  • At least 6 hrs of daily sunlight;
  • Watering every 2 days or when the substrate is superficially dry;
  • Use a substrate with good drainage;
  • Apply keeping fertilization, so that the plant doesn’t lose its vigor and maintains its flowering. Balanced and simple formulas, like 10-10-10 NPK, can be applied.