Beautiful heart shape on each flower, the Amore series is composed by King of Hearts, Joy, Queen of Hearts and Fiesta. It has long lasting flowering, strong and uniform semi-trailing habit, being the perfect variety for any pot or basket size.


The planting should be done in a environment with full sun and well drained soil. The petunias will continue to bloom during the hotest months with an occasional pinch to remove the old flowers. The regular application of fertilizers and snail repellents can benefit the plants. For pot planting, consider adding water retention grains to the potting mixture to ensure uniform water distribution during the summer months.

Amazing Petunias with a friendship message!

Vigorous flowers, unique and with a diversity of intense colors that can be combined between them. They can be used to add a unique and sophistcated touch to the decorations of the rooms, provided that they are protected from the rain.