Veronica Skyler is the most recent product to be part of Bio Plugs’ portfolio. The variety have a unique and modern design, perfect to bring a luxury touch to the most diversed arrangements.


It is a plant with negative geotropism, excelent for working with floral arrangements. With high durability, It is a long and robust cut flower that promises to bring refinement to the most diverse kinds of uses, like decorations, bouquets and arragements.

Available in blue, pink and white colors. Veronica Skyler is capable of turning any environment or decoration into a more creative and elegant one in an instant.


Veronica Skyler is present on social media with a communication based on its unique design and several ways of uses, focusing on the decoration market. The marketing strategy applied highlights the personality of the flower, in which promises to bring sophistication to all kinds of decorations. Veronica Skyler is the certainty of an original and full of attitude decoration.