The wonderful rare colored petúnias arrive in Brazil in new versions

The 2019 winter promises an icy sky, full of stars and fireworks.

In the winter of 2019, the hybrid petunia Night Sky comes back with force, bringing with it three new rare colored varieties: the SKY Family. 

Ideal for medium light environments, the special flowers can be used to give a unique and sophisticated touch to the decorations of balconies, terraces, pots and gardens. Check out!


The lady of Sky Family Pink Sky unites the charm of a deep pink shade with its wonderful pure white spots. Like the Night Sky variety, Pink Sky is one of the few petúnias that can boast itself with its speckled pattern, that creates a unique starry sky effect. Make your Sky Pink!


The hottest color in Sky Family brings the intensity of the marsala color highlighted by yellow spots, a unique work. Its petals are painted as the temperature drops, in a scratched patten that resembles beautiful fireworks in the sky. Lighting Sky, the petunia that promises to heat up the winter!


Glacier Sky unites its deep violet shade and white in a wonderful lacy effect on its borders, as if it had snow on its ends. The beauty of polar lights in your garden.  


Crowned as the fashion flower in 2018 thanks to its unique traits and color, Night Sky brings back the wonderful starry sky for the winter of 2019.

How to care your SKY petunias:

Not only beautiful, but strong, the Sky Family’s petunias have high resistance to the weather, ensuring longer lifetime and stable color pattern.

They do not require excessive care, because they are resistant to low temperatures. They only need daily watering, without excess, in addition to a good ferlization: it is recommended to be done monthly with balanced products (N-P-K at 8-8-8, 10-10-10 or 12-12-12, for example).

To keep up with the news of the Sky Family, know more about the varieties and get advices on cultivation and decoration, access @flornightsky Instagram and the site