Pink Kisses®, the perfect present for all tastes and ages

The big success in Europe arrives in Brazil with unique characteristics and a strong marketing campaign focused on the final customer and the young public, highlighting the importance of feelings, encouraging care and friendship.

Pink Kisses® is part of a new generation of the Dianthus family, developed by Selecta One and produced in the country exclusively by Bio Plugs.

Besides a delicate form of its petals and unique traits – its inner part has a kiss shape – Pink Kisses® stands out by its high durability flowers and plant and its slight perfume, delighting several publics.

Easy to cultivate and long lifetime.

Pink Kisses® is a flower resistant to diseases, being a simple product to fertilize. It likes medium luminosity, being ideal to decorate balconies and windows. The substrate must stay slightly humid, but never soaked and the fertilizer must be complemented every twenty or thirty days.

The product adapts to several formulations, its flowers are durable and its blooming is constant. Another differential are the excellent characteristics for cultivation: easy to grow in pots of different sizes. Other advantages are the outstanding flower’s shape and its excellent lifespan.

Practicality and a lot of feeling involved.

Pink Kisses® reminds all of the friendship feeling, affection and care. That’s why, since it was released in Europe in 2013, the product became a sales success in all of the old continent.

Aware of this scenario, in april of 2017, Selecta One made a decisive step to reach the absolute success of Pink Kisses®: a communication campaign directed to the final consumer, focused on the young public, highlighting the importance of friendship in the lives of people and placing the product as the main role on the expression of this feeling.

The campaign “Pink Kisses® – as beautiful as our friendship” was done on social media, cultural contests and campaigns with digital influencers.

Aware of the success of this initiative, in addition to the product, Bio Plugs brings to Brazil all the essence of this action, making minor adaptations to the brazilian public. This will be the second marketing action of Bio Plugs targeted directly to a product. The first one was with the Night Sky petunia, also from Selecta One.

Besides one more innovative product to the flower lovers, Bio Plugs and Selecta One take another step to strengthen the relationship with the final consumer, providing not only great quality products, but also incredible experiences.