Pink Kisses – The internet’s dariling!

With a strong online presence, the variety is a success between internet users

Pink Kisses is a flower from the Dianthus family, developed by Selecta One and brought to Brazil with exclusivity by Bio Plugs. Consolidated success in Europe, the variety arrived in the country at the end of 2018 with the promise to delight the most diverse audiences and tastes. Since its release, Pink Kisses leaves a presence on social media, like Instagram and Facebook. Out there, the flower gains a character that interacts with its public and share its main care advices. In addition, the social media pages have the SAC 2.0 system, offering a daily support to the most frequent asked questions.

Interaction and relationship

With a well structured communication strategy, today the variety’s social media has almost 10 thousand followers (growing each day) and has a lot of interaction with its public, which reflects directly on a strong relationship between the brand and the consumer.

The pages receive dozens of messages daily – whether by asking for orientations on how to better take care of the plant, showing its blooming, thanking for the advices, sharing experiences or, of course, sending photos of their Pink Kisses.

Special content

The Instagram’s stories, by the way, are an apart success: everyday, the fans share their flowery places with Pink Kisses and tag the official page, that promptly shares and nourish a big caress chain with its followers.

In addition to the weekly shared content and the daily interaction, Pink Kisses has an audio-visual content in videos with advices about the plant and institutional campaigns.

The flower also has an institutional site in which contains the main informations of the variety.

Want to know more? Access the FacebookInstagram and the official of Pink Kisses!