Pink Kisses: success in all medias

In the print media, the flower was featured in the Natureza Magazine, one of the most important publications of the flower segment in the country. The No.369 issue introduced the variety in Brazil.

On the online environment, the bloggers, youtubers and influencers are the main references on the subjects that they cover, and Pink Kisses, of course, was the main topic on these specialized plant channels.

The landscaper and influencer Nô Figueiredo posted a video entirely dedicated to Pink Kisses on her YouTube channel, that has more than 350 thousands subscribers. In the video, that reached almost 20 thousand people, she gives details about the plant and advices on how to care. Furthermore, several blogs related to this “plants’ universe” already posted about Pink Kisses, like the page Flor & Vida, for example.

Social media and fans

Pink Kisses has a strong communication on social media, with a consolidated fan base of almost 10 thousand followers on Facebook and Instagram, growing each day.

On social media, the flower gains a character that interacts with its public, in addition to having a daily support for the most frequente asked questions and, of course, sharing the Pink Kisses that are spreaded throughout Brazil!

As a result, the followers are always in touch, interacting with the page and strengthening the relationship between the brand and the consumer.

Besides the social media, Pink Kisses has an institutional site with the main informations regarding the variety. Want to know more? Access the FacebookInstagram and official site of Pink Kisses!