With beautiful, big, white and bright flowers, Gypsophila Pearls Blossom also have an unparalleled quality: its stems are strong, resistants to breaking and with more durable flowers on vases and arrangements.

Every incredible characteristic of a genuine Gypsophila Pearls, with a totally new genetic, the charming Gypsophila Pearls Blossom arrived to make the arrangement market further enchanting!


Being in bouquets, outdoor or indoor arrangements, Gypsophila Pearls Blossom brings unforgettable moments with grace and beauty of its flowers. The perfect combination between durability, charm and delicacy makes it ideal to decorate the most varied environments.


Strong, big, white and bright flowers draw attention and give lightness to arrangements. Excellent durability and resistance brings more reliability, freedom and inspiration on arrangements. Its strong stems are more resistant to break during harvest, avoiding unnecessary loses. Gypsophila Pearls Blossom has high productivity and high durability.


Gypsophila Pearls Blossom takes a presence in the digital media like Facebook and Instagram. With a comunication focused on decorators, ceremonialists and event advisors, in addition to having a potential for the final consumers, like brides. The marketing strategy seeks to heat up the market of Gypsophila. Furthermore, the marketing strategy positions the flower as a synonym of refinement, good taste and delicacy, going on the opposite way of the “myth” in which considers the Gypsophila as a simple and low cost flower.