Pink Kisses® is part of the newest generation of the Dianthus family, developed by Selecta One and produced with exclusivity on the country by Bio Plugs.

Besides the delicate shape of its petals and its unique traits – its interior have a kiss shape – Pink Kisses® stands out by its high flower and plant durability and your light perfume, delighting various publics. A great gift option.

Easy to Care

Pink Kisses® adapts well on sunny environments, with a flowering that can be extend up to a year on ideal conditions. On warm climate regions, it must be cultivated on half shade. On mild climates, it tolerates direct sunshine exposure all day.

Its blooming lasts up to 4 weeks at indoor environments, shaded and without sunshine, like offices and inside your house! Watering must be done every two days or as its substrate becomes superficially dry. Pink Kisses’® fertilizing must be monthly, with balanced formula products, like NPK 10-10-10, for example.


Pink Kisses® comes to Brazil with a distinguished product strategy, building a relantionship with the final consumers and, in this way, warming up the DIanthus market.

The flower has an elaborated communication especially for the social media, with a character that chats directly with its followers.




Pink Kisses ® is a flower made for those who have creativity with colors.