Glacier Sky unites its deep violet shade and white in a wonderful lacy effect on its borders, as if it has snow on its ends. The beauty of polar lights in your garden.

How to cultivate the Sky Family petunias

Not only beautiful, but strong, the Sky Family’s petunias have high resistance to the weather, ensuring longer lifetime and a stable color pattern. They don’t require excessive care, because they are resistant to low temperatures. The watering must be daily, without excess. In addition, it is important to do a good fetilization: it is recommended to be done monthly, with balanced products.

Sky Family on social media

The Sky Family is a group of hybrid petunias, exclusive to Bio Plugs. With a distinguished product strategy, in 2018, Night Sky sold out at all outlets, being a big success! In 2019 the family grew up, Sky Family has 4 petunias now – an even bigger success!