Calipetite is a progress on the creation of Calibrachoa, made by Sakata. Resistant to full sunlight, with naturally compacted growth, uniform and rounded shape, this wonderful variety is ideal for pots – its strong and bright colors has an irresistible appeal for sales.

Cultivating your Calipetite

To enjoy to the fullest the bright and vivacity of Calipetite’s colors, maintain the pot under full sunlight, on a well ventilated environment. The watering must be moderated. Utilize a porous substrate, with good drainage and rich in organic matter.

An explosion of colors!

Seeking a communication that speaks with the final consumer, the positioning worked on Calipetite’s social media is focused on its colors and versatility.


The Calipetite’s flowers are available in yellow, white, blue, red and rose colors.

Small in size, giant in colors and beauty!